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Welcome to a community that challenges authors to create original characters that catch our attention and make us fall in love. Original characters must match the "theme" for the month and can appear in either original fiction or as a new character in fanfiction. The goal is to make the new character a significant part of the story although they may still play second fiddle to a fanfic character. Complete April's challenge and win this award with a male or female character... your choice.

Mar. 30th, 2009

Man, I started two different stories, and I got nothing done this month. I think I'm just feeling very out of sorts lately and the muse is hiding. However, not everyone is having that problem. Two people successfully completed this challenged. Congratulations guys!

March Murderer Challenge

Title: Tales of Blood
Author: Xocoatldreams
Fandom: Original
Characters/Pairings: All original
Prompt/Challenge: charchall March Challenge - Murderer
Rating: NC-17, though only PG for this chapter
Warning: Death, destruction, murder of course, violence, language, slash and het sex
Disclaimer: Hey, I own for once
A/N: Surprisingly one of the hardest ideas I've ever had to write.
This can either be read as a one shot though it will be part of a larger piece.
Award: D:female *Edited once I remembered the reward

Tales of Blood

It is flocked so if you want to read it just let me know so I can add you to the group.
We tend to think of a murderer who is someone who kills. Period. Nothing else. However, Dr. Linda Edelstein describes the various traits that tend to cluster around certain types of murderers.

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She has a few others, but you'll have to buy her book, Writer's Guide to Character Traits, if you want to read the rest because I"m already creeped out. So, what do ya'll think?
Wow am I a big old idiot. I spent the day sanding and painting and replacing hardware on my back door, and I was looking at my computer, thinking, "Wow, I'm tired, but I'm almost done with that story with that manipulator, and I wonder if I could sneak in under the wire."

Um... Yeah, the wire was last Monday. I even talked to Calypso about the deadline, and I still managed to think it was the end of the month. I swear, some days, the brain--she does not work so well. Well, three people managed to not lose track of the time!

Congratulations guys!!  I'm NOT late with the next challenge, and I will have that up soon! 


Manipulator - Wicked Game - adorKablefae

Title: Wicked Game
Author: adorKabelfae
Prompt(s): Nihilism (taming), Manipulator (CharChall), and various ones I gave myself in the notes.
Character: I tried to work some in for all four, but mostly Parker. With the manipulation of getting Rachel to go on dates.
Rating: FR13 for language
Warnings: mild language
Summary: Nobody loves no one
Fandom: Original
Award choices: C:Female
Disclaimer: “Wicked Game” belongs to Chris Isaak, naturally. The version (slightly varied from the original) was preformed by Giant Drag. I make no claim to the lyrics or performance of. God, I wish I were that brilliant.
Notes: Originally, this was for a Creative Writing class about a year ago, though I never finished it properly. At the time I started, the song “Wicked Game” held a lot of personal meaning to me, and inspired my muse to help me write this. I was interested in the effect that speaker tags had on a story, and prompted myself to see what the complete lack of would do to a story entirely made up of dialog. The goal was to accomplish clear definitions of who was speaking within the dialog itself, instead of with tags. I also restricted myself to sets of five “lines”, between two characters.

Tonight my muse decided to wake me up, with this story in mind. I was lucky enough to find a draft I had emailed myself and continued to work. The finished copy includes additional prompts from various challenge communities.

In my journal, here:
( Wicked Game )
Title: Lose Control
Author: Xocoatldreams
Fandom: AtS
Characters/Pairings: Angel, Cordy/OMC, Gunn/Wes
Prompt/Challenge: #134 Delectable, Feb. Present Tense Challenge (tamingthemuse), Character Challenge: Manipulator (charchall)
Character: Marcus
Summary: Someone at Angel Investigations loses control
Rating: R for some swearing (one word I think)
Warning: slash, het
Disclaimer: I don't own. I wish I did. No money being made and no offense intended.
A/N: Um, yeah. I don't know.
Award Choice: D: female

Lose Control
Okay, the comm is now open for posting story links.  Remember, the manipulator must be an original character.

If you're interested in discussing who the manipulators on television are, you can check out the original post. So far, people have nominated Albus Dumbledore, Angelus and Spike from BTVS, Inara from Firefly, Morgana from the new Merlin show, Blair from Sentinel, House, Jenny from The L Word, Helen Cutter from Primeval, Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl, Mr. Morden from B5, Salieri from Amadeus, and Nate and Sophie from Leverage. Quite the list of manipulators.

Prompt: Manipulator

Robert Greene's book talks about ways in which a person can grab at power. He makes no distinction between whether you use the power for good or evil, he just gives ways to collect power. Law #33 is to find others' thumbscrews and twist them to take control of the situation. As Greene says, "We live with a perpetual armor around ourselves to defend against change and the intrusive actions of friends and rivals." Every person, however, has a hole in the psychological defenses. There is one weakness that you can use. Some people expose the weakness, and others disguise these weaknesses. Those who try to hide their weaknesses are even more vulnerable than those who project their needs.  If you can find the disguised weakness, they can be "effectively undone."

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Aphrodite AWARDS

We had seven authors participate, which is a great turnout. Remember, this is a drop in/drop out comm, so you earn an award each month you participate with no obligation to participate in any particular month. It looks like next month we will be looking at manipulators, but right now, it's time for AWARDS!!!!

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January challenge- Aphrodite

Title: The Ascension of Jade
Author: akasakasan</lj> 
Character: Original female character- Jade
Rating: M- nothing too bad
Warnings: None
Summary: A fairy tale of sorts about a young girl named Jade and her path of corruption.
Fandom: My own little universe
Award choices: C- Female


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The Character Challenge

This Month--Sleepwalkers

The challenge this month is to create a sleepwalker. Sleepwalking shows up in 1 to 7 percent of adults and 10 to 30 percent of children, but it poses a problem for a smaller percentage. You can make your character's sleepwalking major or minor--serious or funny. It's up to you.

1st Monday--New Theme
2nd Monday--Open to stories
4th Monday--Awards


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    Very pretty banner. And I would join if it were open for joining. If you want some content, let me know, and I would love to do some icons or stories as a community warming gift.
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